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>. . .waiting for the snow to start.
Soooo, I made a quick wallpaper that I’m pretty darn proud of, considering I spent about twenty minutes on it. You might not want it as your own, unless your a big ITS/iCUBED fan.

Ok I just made an ipod touch background as well, here it is:


>Well, it seems a snow/ice/slush/nasty-cold-water-storm is heading in towards the Midwest. That means instead of flying out of here, I’ll be sitting in front of my desk making magic. I’ll have to wait for my getaway jet until Sunday. Oh well, here’s a couple winter-ish pictures that I photographed recently:

>Well, my demise is here. It is yet again finals season, and I’m booked this week.
To celebrate, a new wallpaper for your spiffy PC (or mac, if you must own something cooler than I)!

This one was pretty fun to make, I found some planetary pictures from NASA, then did some blurry tree overlays, it’s a nice HD’ish background for your viewing pleasure.

>Well, I just had a dance performance yesterday, and I’m really tired, but not too tired to make a new ipod touch background.
Without further ado. . .

Welcome to the matrix.

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog. I’ll be posting different projects that Ive created, and post information about any I’m planning. If you are looking for some custom art for a website, or print material, just ask! I like working with graphics software and am eager to continue my work, and keep on learning!